Matti - Jan – you have to get use t turning your right foot and knee onto the throw  frame 4 show you collapsing the right leg. You don’t need to drag the whole of the top of your right foot like that – if anything it is breaking the rhythm of the throw.  Left shoulder should be thrown at the throw more and keep you higher on delivery. That was your best throw as well and what it is showing is tat ou can manufacture a good throw from a bad position!




Frame 1 & 2 shows you leaning into the transition phase and not really committing yourself – which does not put you in the best possible position later on. Frame 3 shows those Douglas Bader legs and Zoidburg with your lazy right foot facing backwards and legs too straight.  What the stills don’t show is that you drift left and slow down over the cross over phase rather than drive on. Frame 4 show s your lazy right foot, lead with the TOE not the heel and frame 5-7 show that you not wrapping the front arm with the point slightly too low.  Frame 5 & 6 show your right foot landing at 2 pm but your right heel moves forward rather than the toe so it rotates backwards to about 5 pm with your left arm just pulling away rather than fighting to pull your through the throw. Frame 10 shows your hip acting – over what was a long base by time you rotated your right ankle.  However, you have developed this habit of throwing your knee downwards into the ground (Zelezny does this!) which causes your left to collapse initially and then your rise up out of it, after you have let go! This gives you quite a low height of release and dissipating many of your forces in to the ground rather than making it a goes through and over your left leg i.e. from low to high.  You go from high – to low – block and then high.  Compare this to the finish position at the end or you and me before.



Commit – drive from the transition phase and don’t amble/coast into the throw.

Wrap with the left arm on the impulse stride

Bend your legs and turn your right foot and knee forward at frame 3 & 4.

Turn your right foot over on landing kicking the heel out – landing on the inside of the ball of the right foot.

Hold on to your left arm for longer then big block up and over the left foot and chase it!

Otherwise this is good – but we want to make it better!!!


Nige Jan 2008